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Inboard Online Survey

At Inboard Online our goal is to provide a shopping experience that is as fun as a day at the lake! Designed for convenience, with the understanding that every minutes counts when you are sitting on the side lines during the boating season.

To stay on top of our game, it would be helpful to get your opinion as to how we are doing and where we can make adjustments to better serve you. Tell us what you think.

What was the purpose of your visit today?   Browse
  Buy online and have product shipped
  Check product availability
  Compare prices
Did you accomplish the task that you set out to do?
Do you have any suggestions for our website that would improve your shopping experience? If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 1-877-327-7175
Based on today's visit how would you rate your overall site experience?
Which one of the following features would you most like to see added to Inboard   Product reviews and ratings
  Technical information
  Product recommendations
  The ability to chat with an Inboard Online service professional?
Please suggest How to Video's you would like to see available.